10 km to the east of the town of Karakol , in the valley of Arashan River the gorge Altyn-Arashan is situated. In the lower part of the river there is the village Ak-Suu (old name Teploklyuchenka), immediately followed by the gorge, which expanding opens before the eyes of the traveler. One slope of the gorge is overgrown with dense spruce forest, and the other is covered with a colorful carpet of mountain herbs, flowers, berries and low shrubs.

Among wild animals there can be found mountain goats, deer, bears, wild boars and marmots. The most well-known and frequently visited place in the gorge is hot spring with radon water.

A hike of few hours can lead to the moraine-glacial lake Kashka-Suu or the majestic waterfalls Sharkyratma, Tash Tektir and Kuldurek. At the altitude of over 3500 meters is located another amazing lake Ala-Kol. The highest points that can be reached from the gorge Altyn-Arashan are Aksu Wall (5022 m) with a snow-white ice cap, and the peak of Soviet Russia (4900 m).

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