Getting around

During your travel through the country you can choose different ways how to get to the destinations in Kyrgyzstan.

If you need to get to a specific destination, you can hire a car with a driver, which would be the most comfortable. There is also an option to travel with shared cabs from autostations. Also, you can hitchhike on main roads from place to place. You can easily get to southern cities of Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken or Isfana in less then an hour by plane.

In summer you can get from Bishkek to Balikchi by train and the entire trip you will enjoy amazing mountainous scenery around. Such an adventure on the train will not leave someone indifferent.

Another opportunity is Rent a Car or hire a car with a driver. You can rent SUV for any duration at a relatively good price. This is a great opportunity to make a fascinating Off-Road tour in Kyrgyzstan. There is also an option to get a transfer directly from Manas Airport to Issyk-Kul Lake or any destination.

Transport services in Kyrgyzstan on a comfortable SUV with driver :

Route Price (som, KGS)
Manas Airport - Bishkek 2000
Border Post Kordai 2000
In the city of Bishkek, 1 hour (minimum 4 hours) 750
Bishkek - Cholpon-Ata 12000
Bishkek - Karakol 16500
Bishkek - Tamga / Barskoon Gorge 13000
Bishkek - Chon-Kemin National Park 7000
Bishkek - Ala-Archa National Park 4000
Bishkek - Alamedin Gorge 3500
Bishkek - Issyk-Ata Gorge 4500
Bishkek - Chunkurchak Gorge 3500
Bishkek - Belogorka Gorge 5000
Bishkek - Kegety Gorge 5000
Bishkek - Base camp Karkara 25000
Bishkek - Jyrgalan Valley 20000
Bishkek - Chon Ak-Suu Gorge (Grigoriev) 15000
Bishkek - Kochkor 10000
Bishkek - Torugart Pass 25000
Bishkek - Naryn 15000
Bishkek - Tash-Rabat 21000
Bishkek - Son-Kul Lake 20000
Bishkek - Kyzyl-Oi 10000
Bishkek - Toktogul 14000
Bishkek - Sary-Chelek Reserve 25000
Bishkek - Arslanbob  27000
Bishkek - Jalal-Abad 27000
Bishkek - Irkeshtam Pass 40000
Bishkek - Base сamp Achyk-Tash 45000
Bishkek - Osh 30000
Bishkek - Batken 45000
Bishkek - Talas 15000
Order another route, for 1 km. (min. 100 km.) 28 
Accommodation of driver 1500


Ski bases Price (som, KGS)
Karakol  17500
Chunkurchak 2800
Toguz-Bulak 3200
Too-Ashu 5500
Orlovka 5000
Zil, Kashka-Suu, Oruusai, Ak-Tash and others 2800