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The Kyrgyz Republic is a country located in the north-eastern part of Central Asia. It borders with Kazakhstan in the north, with Uzbekistan in the west, with Tajikistan in the south-west, with China in the east and south-east.

Total area: 199,900 km2

Length of state border: 4,503 km

Capital: Bishkek

Languages: national language is Kyrgyz, official language is Russian.

Administrative division: 7 regions, 40 administrative districts, 22 cities and towns, 429 rural municipalities

Largest cities: Bishkek, Osh , Jalal-Abad , Karakol

Population: 6 million people

Population density: 29 people/km²

Ethnic groups: Kyrgyz people 72%, Uzbeks 14.3%, Russians 6.9%, other 6.8%

Time: + 6 hours from Greenwich time (GMT + 06:00)

Currency: Kyrgyz som (KGS)

Telephone code: +996

Domain name: kg

Geographical information:

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country. More than ¾ of the country is mountainous. The highest point is Pobeda Peak (7439 m). The lowest point of Kyrgyzstan is located in Batken region, at an altitude of 401 m above sea level. The average altitude of the country is about 2750 m.

Throughout the country there are two major mountain systems. They are Tien-Shan in the north-east and Pamir-Alay in the south-west. In Kyrgyzstan there are 40,000 large and small rivers, over 2,000 lakes, 8,000 glaciers.


Most of the country is located in the temperate climate zone, the southern regions are in the zone of subtropical climate. In general, the climate is continental, but in Issyk-Kul region it’s close marine climate. The average January temperature is between -4°C and -14°C, the average July temperature is between +17°C and +38°C.

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