Travel to Kyrgyzstan

Currently, airway is the best way to reach Kyrgyzstan. Tourists can fly to Kyrgyzstan by plane from almost anywhere in the world.

There are three main ways to get to Kyrgyzstan - by air, train, and car. If you decide to come over land, train connections are available through Russia and Kazakhstan from most of the Post Soviet countries and Europe. Traveling to Kyrgyzstan by car is possible via all neighboring countries. Obviously, the fastest way to get to Kyrgyzstan is by airplane. Three main connections are via Istanbul, Moscow and Dubai. Another good connection is via Almaty, Kazakhstan. There are low-cost airlines such as Pegasus and Air Traffic operating in the country.

By airplane

Nowadays air transportation is prioritized among the other modes of transportation. Tourists can get to Kygyzstan by plane almost from all over the world. Many airlines make flights here such the Asian spirit, Comores aviation, Turkish airlines, Pegasus, Aeroflot and many others.

By train

The railway connects the country with Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia. Tourist can get to Kyrgyzstan from almost all corners of CIS.

By automobile

Kyrgyzstan is located in the heart of Central Asia. Highway connections ties Kyrgyzstan with the countries of Europe, the Gulf, CIS and South-East Asia.