You can get to Kyrgyzstan over land on a train, car or flying in. The closest air-hubs are in Moscow, Istanbul and Dubai. While you are in Kyrgyzstan you can get around by many means. You have an option to hire a car or a driver to any destination within the country, rent a car to be flexible in your movements; or rent a motorbike. Renting a car is becoming more and more popular among visitors to travel around Kyrgyzstan. Also, there are domestic flights from the capital to the southern cities of Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken and Isfana.

Travel to Kyrgyzstan

Currently, airway is the best way to reach Kyrgyzstan. Tourists can fly to Kyrgyzstan by plane from almost anywhere in the world. Kyrgyzstan has good connections with Almaty, Tashkent, Istanbul, Dubai, and of course Moscow. Nowadays, low-cost airlines operate in the Central Asian region.

Getting around

If you need to get to a specific destination, you can hire a car with a driver, which would be the most comfortable. There is also an option to travel with shared cabs from autostations. Also, you can hitchhike on main roads from place to place.

Car Rental

Trip to Kyrgyzstan offers car rent service. We have a big variety of cars listed on the page. These are mainly Off-Road cars, SUVs. Please, look through the terms before you send a request for car reservation.

Bike Rental

Trip to Kyrgyzstan offers a bike rental service as well. Motorbike trip is an exciting way to travel around Kyrgyzstan, if you are an experienced rider and possess a driving license. Please, look through the terms before you send a request for a bike reservation.