Water Points

Naryn Region

Kol-Ukok Lake

Kol-Ukok Lake is located in the north-eastern part of the mountain Terskey Ala-Too. The lake water is very cold. The depth of the lake is 17 m.
Issyk Kul Region

Teshik-Kul Lake

Teshik-Kul Lake is located about 38 km. from the village Bokonbaevo. It is located in the end of Karakaman valley at an altitude of 3500 m.
Chuy Region

Zhashyl​​-Kel Lake

Jashyl-Kol (Zhashyl​​-Kel) Lake, which is translated from Kyrgyz as "green lake", is located in Chon-Kemin valley, at the altitude of about 3200 m.
Naryn Region

Shaar Waterfall

The largest waterfall in Kyrgyzstan is about 300 m. It is located in the gorge of Bash-Kaindy in At-Bashi area.
Jalal-Abad Region

Sary-Chelek Lake

Freshwater lake of Sary-Chelek is located at the altitude of 1878 meters at the territory of Sary-Chelek Biosphere Reserve.
Issyk Kul Region

Tuz-Kol, Dead Lake

Dead lake of Issyk-Kul (aka Tuz-Kol, Kara-Kul) is located on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul, 70 km from Balykchi.
Naryn Region

Chatyr-Kul Lake

Chatyr-Kul Lake is located between the ridges of the At-Bashi and Torugart-Too at the altitude of 3530 m. Being located high in the mountains the lake justifies its name “The Sky Lake".
Issyk Kul Region

Hot Springs of Altyn-Arashan

Altyn-Arashan gorge is famous for its hot springs located at the altitude of about 2600 m. As early as in Soviet times there was built a small resort with several houses for tourists.
Issyk Kul Region

Tears of Bars Waterfall

The waterfall Tears of a Bars (Snow Leopard) is the most famous waterfall in the gorge of Barskoon. This unique object is the state natural sanctuary.
Talas Region

Besh-Tash Lake

<p>Mountain lake of Besh-Tash is located in the eponymous valley at an altitude of 2997 m.</p>
Issyk Kul Region

Ala-Kul Lake

The pearl of Terskey Ala-Too hidden high in the mountains is a glacial Ala-Kul Lake (translated from Kyrgyz as "the Motley Lake").
Naryn Region

Kel-Suu Lake

The sky-blue lake of Kel-Suu is located in the valley of Kok-Kiya at the altitude of 3514 m, between high rocky mountains.
Osh Region

Tulpar-Kul Lake

High-altitude mountain lake (3500 m) is located in Chon-Alai mountain range at Osh district, at the base of Lenin peak.
Issyk Kul Region

Maiden Tears Waterfall

The famous waterfall Maiden Tears is located in "the Valley of Seven Bulls", Jeti-Oguz, at the altitude of about 2500 m. The height of the waterfall is about 40 m.
Osh Region

Abshir-Ata Waterfall

In the valley of the Abshir-Say, 70 km from the city of Osh there is the amazing waterfall Abshir-Ata. The valley lies at the altitude of 1500-2500 meters above sea level.
Chuy Region

Kel-Tor Lake

Kel-Tor Lake, which is considered one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Northern Tien Shan.
Naryn Region

Son-Kul Lake

Son-Kul is the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan. Its area is ​​278 sq. km. It is situated in a valley between two mountain ranges at the altitude of 3016 m.
Chuy Region

Kegety Waterfall

At the entrance to Kegety gorge, at the distance of just 100 m from the road, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the waterfall coming down a steep cliff.
Chuy Region

Kel-Kogur Lake

Kel-Kogur Lake is a hidden gem located in Kemin district of the Chuy region, deep in Kungei Ala-Too Mountains.
Issyk Kul Region

The Merzbacher Lake

The unique Mertzbacher Lake is located in the Central Tien Shan, between Sary-Jaz and Tengri-Tag mountain ranges, at the altitude of 3304 m.
Issyk Kul Region

Issyk-Kul Lake

The pearl of Kyrgyzstan, a lake surrounded on two sides by the majestic Terskey and Kungei Ala-Too mountains is called Issyk Kul.
Batken Region

Ai-Kel Lake

On the northern slope of Turkestan range there is Ai-Kel Lake, which means "the moon lake". The lake area is 0.82 sq. km.
Jalal-Abad Region

Kara-Suu Lake

Kara-Suu Lake is located not far from Toktogul water reservoir, near Taktalyk ridge, at the altitude of about 2000 m above sea level.