Chuy Region

Chuy region is located on the north of Kyrgyzstan and it is considered the most developed region of the country.

Wonderfull Valley

Chuy region is located on the north of Kyrgyzstan and it is considered the most developed region of the country. Bishkek, the capital of the country, is situated here, so Chuy, in fact, is the center where most economic, human and traffic resourses are concentrated. The region borders with the Republic of Kazakhstan in the North. You can easily get from Kazakhstan to Chui region and then to any point of the Kyrgyz Republic by car.

Another great wealth of Chuy region is its wonderful nature. Here, among majestic mountain ranges such as Kyrgyz Ala-Too and Zailiyski Alatau concentrated a lot of valleys and gorges. They merge to form one great valley which attracts a number of outdoor enthusiasts here. Ala-Archa, Alamedin, Kegety, Konorchek and Suusamyr are only small parts of a large number of beautiful gorges and valleys, where people recreate their weekend.

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Recently hiking has been gaining increasing popularity. Weekend tours through the beautiful natural places are quite popular among the residents of the region. Tourists from other countries also have an opportunity to visit the picturesque gorges (Ala-Archa, Alamedin, Kegety, Shamsi, Belogorka, Issyk-Ata, Chonkurchak and others), take a walk along the wild mountain rivers, hike in spruce and juniper forests that grow on mountain slopes. Usually hiking tours take no more than one day, but there are also long tours with accommodation in tents outdoors.

Natural Park Ala-Archa offers great opportunities for mountain climbers. Here situated some peaks with height of 4000-5000 m, and formed a special base camp. Stories about climbing to the glacier Ak-Sai, or the picturesque Korona Peak are often told with proud among fans of mountain tourism.

Those who like competing with waters will appreciate the opportunities for rafting. The process of rafting down the wild rivers Chu and Chon-Kemin, with their steep rapids, can last up to ten hours, will give you an extraordinary boost of energy and adrenaline.

In Suusamyr Valley with its unique sceneries you can try many kinds of recreation, such as ecotourism, horseback riding, trekking, paragliding, living on jailoo with kumys therapy.
Chuy is the center of winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing. Not far from the city of Bishkek there are several well-equipped ski resorts, where beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders come. One of the best bases is located in Suusamyr valley, on the pass Too-Ashu. Besides classic skiing, heli-skiing, freeride and backcountry  skiing are also common for these places. Those who prefer not to ski down mountains slopes can just enjoy cross-country skiing.

Winter hiking is also gaining popularity now. Tours along the snow-covered foothills of the Kyrgyz ridge often include elements of not only hiking and trekking, but also cultural tourism. It means that on your way you can get acquainted with spiritual and material culture of Kyrgyz people in some settlements.

Chuy Region