5 km to the south of the town Karakol a gorge of the same name is located. The gorge has a length of 40 km and it is adjacent to the ridge Terskey Ala-Too.

At the top of the gorge in summer operates the mountaineering camp. Peaks, which are most popular for climbing are Djigit peak (5130 m), Karakol peak (5281 m), Przewalski peak (4283 m), Zhukov peak (4450), Thalmann peak (4460), Dimitrov peak (4450 m ), Fuchik peak (4210) and Gastello peak (4350 m).

On the slopes of Karakol gorge grow buckthorn, barberry, briar, mountain flowers and of course thick meadow grass. With increasing of the altitude they are replaced by spruce and juniper forests. The composition is completed with subalpine and alpine landscapes. Fauna of the gorge is also amazing.

Here you can see mountain goats, deer, lynx, wild boar, snow leopards, wolves, bears and eagles. The highland part of the valley hides many beautiful places such as glacial moraine lakes, waterfalls, Lake Ala-Kul (3532 m above sea level).

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