Pobeda Peak is the highest point is the Tien Shan, which is 7439 m high. It is also the highest peak in the whole Kyrgyzstan.

Pobeda Peak is located on Kakshaal-Too ridge, 16 km from another grandiose peak Khan-Tengri. It is one of the CIS peaks which are more than 7000 m high (together with Lenin Peak , Khan-Tengri Peak , Ismail Somoni Peak and Korjenevskaya Peak). The conquest of all of them gives a climber the right to carry the honorary title of "Snow Leopard". Three peaks make the cap of Pobeda Peak. They are the Western summit (6918 m), the Eastern summit (7079 m) and the Main summit (7439 m). Climbing routes to the peak are quite complex, and the process often takes place in an extremely harsh climatic conditions.


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