Honda Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin

Starting Price
$ 120.00/day

It is a light but more powerful model for even more fascinating adventures around the country of nomads. This bike can take you even farther through winding roads to Walnut and fruit forests of Arslanbob, summer pastures, and turquoise mountain lakes across Kyrgyzstan. It is a great bike for popular long-distance ride around Issyk-Kul Lake with its larger fuel tank. Come to Kyrgyzstan to ride around! 

  • Engine Type: 2-cylinder, 4-stroke V
  • Engine CC: 742 cc
  • Cooling System: liquid cooling
  • Fuel System: carburetor
  • Engine HP: 62HP
  • Transmission: 5-speed, manual
  • Final Drive: chain
  • Seat Height: 870mm
  • Fuel Capacity: 24L
  • Consumption: 6L/100km
  • Motorcycle Weight: 218kg

Rental Conditions

What’s required? 

You need special Driving License with more than 3 years of driving experience. Also, you have to be more than 23 years old. Otherwise, you would need to notarize your license and / or hire a professional driver. 

What bike to choose? 

Depending on destinations you are planning to go to, you have to choose certain bikes. Driving to and around main cities and Issyk-kul region, a bike doesn't have to be a rugged vehicle. However, if you want to go to remote areas of the country, passes, canyons, you need to rent a cross-country bike. You can also consult with us to hire an appropriate rent for your planned route.

To be aware of

Due to the fact, that Kyrgyzstan’s 90 percent of its territory covered by mountains and majority of the roads are not paved, you are able to drive no more than 400 km per day. That is why official daily limit is 350 km. For long distance trips you have to be equipped with GPS or a detailed map of Kyrgyzstan. 

  • Rental cost is from 75 USD to 120 USD 
  • You can pick up the vehicle at the office, Manas Airport, or any convenient place for you 
  • Payment methods are by cash, bank transfer, Visa, Master Card 
  • Charge for exceeding daily mileage limit is 0,35$ per 1 km
  • Paperwork takes 10-15 minutes  
  • Travel equipment rental is available 
  • In case of an accident you get a legal aid in local transport inspection department, ministry of domestic affairs etc.
  • Assistance in the development of travel routes
  • Call center helping with concerns and issues is available


According to the country’s legislation rental cars and bikes have to be insured. Insurance we provide  by Ayu Grant Insurance Company includes incidents caused by you and third parties as well as health of insured ones. Insurance cases include auto accidents, fire, sinking, stealing and etc. All passengers are insured.  Additionally, deposit sum (guarantee fee) for bike rental is 500 USD. 

Traffic rules

There are several most important rules. Speed limits are 90 km/h for highways, 60 km/h in cities, villages, and small towns, and 40 km/h around schools. Unlike in other countries, you can’t turn to the right on red light. You can cross the road only on green light. During driving outside of cities, towns and villages, headlights have to be on. You should be aware that drivers in main cities are sometimes rude and traffic police can be corrupt. 

Despite mentioned factors you will definitely enjoy your travel in Kyrgyzstan. You will be amazed by its beauty and hospitality. 

Rent a bike now! We are here to help you make your stay in Kyrgyzstan memorable. Contact us in any way convenient to book your bike.