Land of Manas

The great Kyrgyz hero Manas who united Kyrgyz people and headed the fight for their independence, according to the legend, was born and lived on the territory of modern Talas region. This region is located in the north-western Kyrgyzstan. Talas region occupies the territory of Talas valley and the part of the ridge Kyrgyz Ala-Too. On the north and west the region borders with Kazakhstan. By population it is the least populated region of Kyrgyzstan as it has just over 230,000 people.

The residents of the area are very proud of the fact that their homeland is "The Land of Manas". They always try to tell as much as possible about him and show places connected with his great name. By the way, there are a lot of such places in the region. One of these sacred and really admired places is the Gumbez (mausoleum) of Manas in the regional center. Those people who are interested in Kyrgyz culture are strongly advised to visit this place that can open many secrets about the hero and tell a lot about the architecture and history of the medieval period. Thus, Talas region can be considered the cradle of cultural tourism that can give travelers a new knowledge about the region’s and the country’s history.

Hiking is also popular in some places of Talas region. The most famous object is the National Park Besh-Tash, where you can explore the nature and the features of the flora and fauna of the place.


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