Sacred Valley

Jalal-Abad region occupies the western part of Kyrgyzstan. This region is one of the three areas that form the southern part of the country, different from the north part in the territorial, cultural and socio-economic aspects. Jalal-Abad region is "The Sacred Valley" because most of its territory lies in a valley, and you can visit a number of sacred places of antiquity and holy places for Muslims. These are the gallery of petroglyphs Saimaluu-Tash , the walnut and fruit forests of Arslanbob , the historical and architectural complex of the Shakh-Fazil and many other attractions. For many centuries people have deeply revered them and made a pilgrimage to them.

The territory of the region is formed by part of the wider Fergana Valley and it is surrounded almost on all sides by massive mountain ranges. To the west it borders with Uzbekistan. The population of Jalal-Abad region is not more than one million people.


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