Nowadays healthy lifestyle became a trend that arouses many positive voices across Kyrgyzstan. Natural products without additives and preservatives are getting more popular with each day. “Shoro” company is a leader in making such products and natural beverages.

Company offers a wide range of different products, among which every client can find something, what attracts them most. National beverages, such as “Maksym Shoro”, “Chalap Shoro”, “Jarma Shoro” and “Bozo Shoro” became important part of Kyrgyz culture, that were acknowledged not only in Kyrgyzstan, but abroad as well.

What is the secret of a company, and future it faces in coming years? 22 years ago nobody could have thought that old nomad recipes would be used for mass production, that would became a symbol of cultural legacy and heritage. It all began in 1992, when cofounders of the company, brothers Tabaldy and Zhumadyl presented their products on the local market – 90 liters of Shoro beverage. It sparkled an interest of the community and they were sold out in a day. The Tabaldy decided to go for a mass production and hit Kyrgyz market in a large scale.

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