How am I, a resident of Poland, got the strange idea to go to Kyrgyzstan?! I travelled a lot, but my past destinations run through the countries of the Eastern Europe and Asia. Moreover I like mountains and mountain trekking as soon as exciting wild nature and photography. I don’t go to the mountains without my camera. So I had many trekking tours along not so high but terrific Polish hills, I was in Caucasus and even went to Himalayas. Tien Shan and Pamir looked like something strange and mystic. However I’ve got ability to go to Kyrgyzstan and make my dream come true just in the past year.

My girlfriend Aneta also liked the idea to go to this wonderful country. My friends Daria and Grisha also would like to go with us (we travelled together already). So we scheduled our trip and ordered tickets.

The view of the Karakol George is very exciting. Remember that my first thought was “That’s what I need!”. We didn’t meet other tourists as it was September. Only wild animals and wonderful mountains were around us.

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